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News about Bathroom Fitting in Bedford & Milton Keynes

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Planning a visit to Beijing?

Theft of toilet rolls


If you plan a visit to Beijing, you may want to take your own loo rolls

After a continuing rise in the theft of toilet rolls at the Temple of Heaven Park, the authorities have decided to take some counter measures involving facial recognition. On visiting the public toilet, you will be required to "register" your face before using the facilities. Having registered by standing for a few seconds in front of a facial recognition system, the machine with dole out a two foot strip of toilet paper. And that had better be enough, because you will have to wait 10 minutes before the system will allow you to have 'seconds'.

I suppose an option would be to take a friend with you who doesn't need to go!

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Marble in the bathroom

Marble in the bathroom


If you are really looking to splash out on your new bathroom, then consider using marble to provide an element of dressing. There has been a trend in that direction in recent years and whilst we've been used to seeing marble used in quality kitchens, we are now starting to see it specified in the bathroom.

There are of course many ways to use marble starting with simple basin and bath splashbacks, all the way to covering an entire wall or buying a bath made from marble. If you do choose either of the latter ideas, do be aware of the considerable weight involved and take advice from a structural engineer. Do be aware, of course, that marble is quite porous, much more so thn granite for example, so it can discolour and will need sealing. You may also be surprised to hear that the surface does scratch, so you need to keep sharp edges away from it. Because it contains mineral elements, the veining can also rust if the surface is not kept sealed

On the plus side, there is a huge choice of options with marble in terms of the base colour and of the veining. Because it's a natural material, you are guaranteed something absolutely unique, and that is a large part of its appeal

Bathrooms - Industrial Style

In search of a toilet


In recent years, there has been a steady rise in customers choosing the "Industrial Aesthetic" for their new bathrooms resulting in a more utilitarian look.

It's now quite common for people to specify design elements that reference the heavy duty look of Industrial design. Common features these days include the "metro" style tile with its bevelled edges and so called becasue it was historically a staple of tiling in prisons, hospitals and Undergound (or metro) stations. This tile is generally chosen in solid colours, partcularly black or white.

Lighting is often of a bulkhead or pendant variety, typical in offices and factories - tough and heavy duty. Surfaces include marble, ceramics and even concrete, with polished or natural finish; the latter often being chosen to finish worktops and walls. For flooring, that old favourite of stripped floorboards also fits in well

Bathroom taps and shower controls are regularly subject to the industrial design aesthetic also, with heavy duty levers and handles adding a rugged no-nonsense look and feel that is built to last

In search of a toilet

In search of a toilet


For the inhabitants of Delhi (and there are 27 million of them), finding a public toilet in acceptable condition proves very difficult indeed

Well, it seems that Google is coming to the aid of local residents. Working with India's Ministry of Urban Development, they are developing a Toilet Locator app. Using your GPS position, they will be able to point users to the nearest available toilet rated as accessible and hygenic. On arrival, if the loo doesn't meet expectations, the visitor will be able to leave feedback to assist other serachers. Don't know if it will be launched in the UK, but for sure, it would be useful in some of our larger cities.

if Only...

If Only... If Only... If Only...


An Esso petrol station in Alberta, Canada has been awarded Canada's "best Restroom" award. Most of us in the UK would avoid the average petrol station toilet unless it was an emergency .

We've all seen them with loo roll scattered across the floor, dirty sinks, unflushed toilets and smelling as if they've been hosed down with urine (which they generally have!). Well, if only we had a few like this one in Canada

Image courtesy Global News

Got £5 Million to spare?



If you have around £5 million available and fancy a warm climate, you can bag yourself an apartment in the UAE. Finished in Italian crystalised marble with Swedish timber floors floors, the bathroom is pretty special.

Frankly, you could spend the whole evening in the loo just looking out over the Dubai skyline

Image courtesy gulfnews.com

Extra Bubbles Please

extra bubbles please


According to research carried out by Cambridge University's Cavendish Labs, more bubble bath is a good thing. You know how it is, you fill the bath ready for a relaxing soap, you climb in and enjoy a muscle easing soak in a deep, warm bath. Then, no sooner have you dunked yourself, than the water starts to feel colder, and within a few minutes you're attempting to top up with hot water.

Well, it seems that if you increase the bubbles in your bath, they'll' insulate the water which will stay hotter for longer. If you stay in for 30 mins, your water could be about 3 degrees centigrade warmer So, stay warm and save money.